Ben 10 alien DNA combos

New event: Renaming
All whos ideas are good enough gets on my credit list. Be the best one to find out the greatest alien name.
kenneth04123 (marble)
Sunynight3 (firewolf,diamondshock,vinegrade)
CPbug [me] for making this video clip :P :D lol
All pictures, images, or/and codes are all from I dont take any responsibility if theres a hocus pocus bogus bad thing in this video. Also I dont take responsibility for any side-effect that this video will cause to any people. Watch this video for ure own risk. Thank you and enjoy!
1st self home made video EVER!
All the alien combos are in this video with all the DNA codes +Vilgax and Gwen(these are only single DNA codes, that means it cant be fused or combined with other aliens only with their ownself)
Also it took me a day to make this video. ben10 theme song 4 times and Fal out boys - The take over,the breaks over one time in the middle
Enjoy it and please comment."

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